Why would someone want to work for your company - Vlog 1

Today's HP Tips (Hiring Top Performers Tips) the 2nd in the series of interviews from the archives on the topic: Why would someone want to work for your Company?

Salaries & Benefits

Salaries have risen incredibly in the last 3 years and this applies to both basic salaries and commission. We hear from candidates all the time “it’s not about the basic, it’s all about the commission”.

Salespeople are driven by earning potential – it’s all about what they CAN earn.

But when you are competing against other employers with uncapped earnings too, you do still need to compete on a basic salary level with additional benefits.

In my experience and from feedback I have received from job seeking candidates every single day, the following things will make you stand out as an employer of choice when it comes to salary and benefits:

Car Allowance

A car allowance as a choice instead of or as well as a company car option could double the volume of candidates you will talk to.

Some candidates can’t consider a company car as they are already on a car allowance scheme and tied into a finance contract.

Increase your talent pool by offering a car allowance option.

Holiday Allowance

If you can offer 25 days holiday (plus bank holidays), you will be more appealing than the 20 days average. Trust me, this can make a huge amount of difference to a candidate looking for a new job.

Monthly Commission

Salespeople love commission and monthly commission is far more appealing than quarterly or annual. Allowing rollovers for the quarter, even better! How ever your commission works, make sure you take time to talk through what the overall earnings are and what the best people are taking home.

Healthcare and Contributory Pension

Healthcare and contributory pensions are not always offered so much these days, so if you include these, make sure you shout about it.

Uncapped Earnings

This is ideal for all salespeople.

Think about it. Why would you continue to sell if the commission stops?

Guaranteed Commission

If you are expecting someone to walk away from their sales and commission pipeline with their existing employer, a short-term guaranteed commission for the first few months is the way to attract that candidate to you.

Other things that appeal to candidates

Childcare vouchers,

Fuel cards and

Company credit cards

Buy and sell back holiday schemes

Are all seen as great perks. If you offer them, don’t hide it!

Let the candidates know – not everyone provides these.

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