Louisa's hiring top performers tips - Vlog Introduction

Who would like some HP Tips? (Hiring top Performers Tips)

Spoiler Alert- This is a BLAST FROM THE PAST!
These videos are from the archives but still relevant and they are full of Tips on how to Hire Top Performers.
The fundamental hiring practices that you can implement to hire the highest performing people for your teams.
You will see how much technology has come on over the last few years - so excuse the dodgy film quality (and dated hair style!!)

In this series we will explore following 5 areas:

1. Salary and Benefits
2. Company Reputation
3. Interview Experience
4. What the future holds for a candidate joining your company
5. Company Culture
Once you've seen all 5 hopefully you will feel much more confident in standing out from the other employers out there and attracting the best sales professionals to come and work for your company!
As always I welcome any tips that work for you too along the way.

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