7 Reasons why it's your fault your new hire takes so long to learn

Ever wondered why your new staff  “just don’t get it?"

Ever heard yourself saying that “these new hires just don’t seem to have the initiative, they don’t listen to simple instructions” and they “don’t follow the advice that’s been given”
“It’s not rocket science! It’s all there written down. We have a process for everything!”

Consider these harsh facts that probably apply to your business.

Only your really experienced staff actually know every step in your business process
(Stan who started in the warehouse when he was 18, has been promoted many times and now is the service manager) “There is nothing Stan doesn’t know about your business”

Every depot in the UK (there are 10) relies upon their equivalent, Stan ...
1. All the “Stan's” in the business are close to retirement
2. You rely on all the “Stan's” and his subordinates to show your new starters your business processes and then they are expected to be able to “just get on with it”
3. You think you have a great written process but it has gaping holes in it that make it impossible for a new person to follow - they have to “go and ask Stan”
4. Your process isn’t a process, it’s a checklist - vague bullet points put together by Stan
5. When a relevant question is asked, the answer is…
“Oh yes, good point, it doesn’t detail it in the process document but “ask Stan - he knows”
6. Your process is full of company jargon which needs extra explanation unless you are “Stan” or a “Stan equivalent”
7. Even all the Stan equivalents follow different processes and use different terminology for the same activity

If this sounds like your business then how can you blame your staff for “not getting it”.

Perhaps it’s about time you took a long hard look at your business processes.
Save yourself time, money and hassle by creating a uniform process that is easy to understand for new starters, long term staff and get everyone on the same page.

I did the first step of this with the business process experts Libreea.
It turns out my 10-step process to the untrained eye was actually 58 steps.
How on earth should I expect a new hire to “get” those missing 48 steps?.

Don’t blame your new starters, or the recruiters or the hiring managers for making a wrong decision.
Take a look at your processes and save yourself time and money on turning over the staff that “just don’t get it”

If these sound-like familiar issues to you and for your business Libreea are experts in business processes and will provide advice and guidance on all business processes - visit www.libreea.co.uk Or If you’d like a personal introduction to this dedicated team of experts please just let me know.

Get in touch with one of the team today:

Email: sales@louisafleet.co.uk

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