4 Tips to get your Sales Team to Perform and Stay

It’s no surprise that without a motivated team you’re not going to get the sales results that you require.
In this blog we look at 4 tips to get your sales team to perform and stay:
It’s not all about the money. It’s a lot about the money but it’s not all about the money!
We all know that a main driver for sales people is the earning potential.
But if it was only about this then why do people stay in jobs when they know they could earn more elsewhere?

What else is on offer that encourages these people to stay and perform?

1. Making it a great place to work

- Incentive trips and recognition awards – we’ve heard of some amazing places people have gone as top sales performers and this can be a huge motivator!
- Type of company car, or the choice of an allowance. Sometimes a company car doesn’t work for everyone. For others it’s the type of car that matters the most.
- Having fun at work and offering a choice of reward/prize/ day or night out– sales people always do a great job of choosing prizes – after all, they have the most insight into what they want! Sales people are usually pretty social and the banter surrounding the latest social can be what gels a team together. Teams that form strong friendship’s at work are more loyal and get better results.
- Letting your people decide makes your job easier! By letting them choose you can give them something they will actually enjoy and strive to achieve.

2. Way of working

- Trust – this works both ways. Trust your team to be autonomous. And gain their trust by engaging with them in a consistent way and by being transparent and open with them.
- Autonomy – the ability to manage their own time and work from home.
- Sales people need to be able to enjoy selling the way they like to sell, and one of the big turn-offs for sales people is being made to change their personality or style in a way that doesn’t suit them. This will have a major impact on your sales results.
- Further education or training opportunities.

3. Inclusion, status and self-development

- The chance to take on more responsibility such as mentoring and training of new members of the team or helping out with the recruitment process – career development means a lot.
- Ask your team members for their ideas when making decisions – they like to feel valued and involved in the process.
- Professional sales courses, further qualifications are all extra achievements sales people can be proud of.
- And you’ll be surprised how making someone a “senior” can make them feel when being introduced to colleagues or clients- status is a driver for many!

4. Get to know your team and react to their needs

Different sales people are motivated in different ways, so get to know your team and let your targets and recognition schemes reflect this.
- Some people are motivated by team-wide sales competitions.
- Some are driven by quota achievement.
- Some are motivated by qualitative improvements.
- Some people are motivated by their impact on the organisation.
- Some people are motivated by money.
Whatever your sales team’s motivations are, make sure you are setting daily, weekly and monthly goals that align with them. Make each individual feel valued and motivate them to perform at their best, and all importantly, to stay!

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  1. Some great tips - thanks for sharing. On a personal level - I certainly value trust & Autonomy. And for me, the most important aspect is 'getting to know the team' and understanding what motivates individuals. The number of times over the years when I have been given an 'in the moment' reward of a 'bottle of wine' (I don't drink!!) which then becomes a demotivator!