5 reasons why you won’t achieve your goals in 2019

For most of us the New Year brings new goals and resolutions. But how many of us are actually going to stick to them? How many of us have given up on them already?

Why won’t you achieve your goals in 2019?

1. You haven’t dealt with your excuses

Write down all the excuses you’ve got for not achieving your goals and then start to work on how you can get rid of those excuses. Don’t be afraid to ask others for their advice.

2. You haven’t made specific goals

If your goal is too general you’re never going to work out how to achieve it. It will always seem to far away or too hard to reach. If you’re thinking you want to book that dream luxury cruise for the family next summer, that’s great, but have you thought about the specifics – where will it be, how much will it cost, how are you going to make sure everything is in place when you come to book it?

3. You haven’t broken your goals down into smaller steps

Your goals can seem huge and unachievable. That’s why you need to break them down into smaller steps and then work out how you are going to deal with each step. If you lack the confidence to go sky-diving in the summer, you could start by building up to it with a confidence workshop and then move on to the next step. If your goal is to work in Spain for a year but you don’t know how to speak Spanish, perhaps you need to start by researching and enrolling on a Spanish class in the evenings. These little steps will help give you the confidence to reach your final goal!

4. You haven’t got a timeline

You are aiming too far into the future. You’ve got the goal in mind – to buy that holiday home in the sunshine, but you haven’t taken a step back to think about the timeline for getting there. When do you want to achieve it? What needs to happen first? Stop and think about each practical step that needs to be achieved and when you need to achieve it and it will help you get there.

5. You haven’t visualised your goals

Make your goals real - have a dream board to refer to – if you want to buy your luxury dream car, get a picture of it and stick it above your desk, if you’re planning to fly first class to the US next year, get a picture of it and have it in front of you every day. Those flying lessons you’ve promised yourself when you get that bonus? Write it down and stick it on the wall in front of you. If you can picture what you’re aiming for and have it somewhere you can see it every single day, it will give you the motivation to achieve the smaller steps you need to make it happen!

All of this will make your goals seem more real and help you focus on the way ahead to make sure 2019 is the year that you DO achieve your goals!

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